Once a final court order of eviction is secured and served, the tenant is given a specific number of days to vacate the property. In some cases, the tenant may still refuse to vacate. In these cases, the landlord must hire a law enforcement officer to remove the tenant. Often landlords need to contact the Sheriff’s Office, however, which division of law enforcement serves evictions varies from state to state.


The Officer will notify the tenant they must vacate within a specific time frame (typically less than 3 days) and state that they will return to the property on a specific date. If the tenant is still occupying the property when the Officer returns, the Officer will remove the tenant physically if needed.

The landlord will usually have a locksmith present to change the locks to prevent the tenant from reentering the property. Next, the landlord must follow local regulations pertaining to the removal, storage, and return of personal property to the tenant.

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